Tax office  

Wioletta Wojciechowska

Wioletta Wojciechowska

On issues such as:

  • dismissal/-disciplinary
  • dismissal no fee for work done
  • no sickness benefits, allowances, overtime, etc
  • bad working conditions
  • notice
  • admonition, reprimand
  • mediation, contact with the employer

Remember. You have more rights than you think!!!

Your case is important to us. We place great emphasis on an individual approach to the case and maintaining confidentiality and professional secrecy, because clients entrust us with both their financial and personal matters. Jongman Advies Buro is able to help, advise and show you the way in the issues that bother you.

In situations where all possible administrative procedures have been completed, and the employer still does not intend to comply with the terms of the contract in accordance with the letter of the law, the assistance of a lawyer from the Dutch Bar becomes indispensable. This does not mean that our role as an advisor ends at this stage and you are left to your own devices. Jongman Advies Buro has been cooperating for years with three law firms in the Netherlands, specializing in employment law. With the client's consent, the case files will be transferred to the Dutch Bar, and we will support you as an intermediary, contact person and translator. Our friendly lawyers are also fluent in English and German.

The chance that a Pole who does not know the law will claim his rights is practically nonexistent.

The complicated procedures of Dutch law and the lack of knowledge of the Dutch language are often an insurmountable barrier. It is at this moment of helplessness and frustration with the existing problem that Jongman Advies Buro opens the door for you to solve the problem.

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