Jongman Advies Buro takes care of the following matters:

  • Monthly pay calculation
  • Monthly declaration of your payroll taks,
  • Monthly declaration for pension of your employees,
  • Monthly processing of working hours,
  • Drafting employment contracts,
  • Drafting company regulations,
  • All tax aspects (sales tax returns, income tax declaration),
  • Financial Statements,
  • And all further legal and / or tax services 

Payroll administration and accountancy

You have your own company with employees. However, the remuneration, wage tax returns and all legal aspects of having employees are really too much of you.

In addition, you as an entrepreneur are obliged to provide accurate accounting. That is also a problem for many entrepreneurs. Not only because of the lack of time but especially the lack of adequate knowledge of accounting.

That is where Jongman Advies Buro helps you out!

We take everything out off your hands so that you can fully focus on what you are really good at. Running your business! This will cost you a lot of time, which means that good payroll administration will be lost.


By offering this very complete package you have no need to worry about your administrative work! All you have to do is submit data!

Of course we can also assist you in disputes in the area of ​​employment law.

Please feel free to contact us to coordinate your situation and our offer.