Claiming compensation for an accident at work or so-called an accident at the workplace is not an easy matter. Employers most often do not feel responsible for accidents at work and try to prove the fault of the victim, thus wanting to avoid payment of compensation. Unfortunately, insurance companies do the same. 

Of course, you can not allow this kind of injustice, so we help the injured in obtaining decent compensation for accidents at work.

Is it worth giving up the rights that we are entitled to? What actions to take when an accident at work happens? To whom and how we can address your claim?

For the above questions you will find the answer in Jongman Advies Buro. We hope that we will be able to help you in the fight for getting the right compensation for an accident at work.


Personal injury

There is a widespread belief that accidents at work are directly related to the lack of respect for health and safety rules, for which the injured employee is solely responsible.
However, not always the fault of the employee is so obvious. Very often it happens that an employer or his insurer is responsible for an accident at the workplace, and the injured person is entitled to appropriate compensation.

Failure to provide proper working conditions to employees, disregarding health and safety at work. Failure to provide the right outfit and equipment for the employee. Lack of proper training and imposing excessive duties on one person, which causes her fatigue. All this causes that the tragic events occur and it will most likely occur if nothing changes in the practices used. 

The result of an accident may be a partial or total inability of a given person to perform a job and exclusion from working life for a period of time or permanently. Nevertheless, the victim is very often afraid to assert his rights and claim for compensation. Fear of losing money, conflict with the employer and lack of language skills do not motivate to fight for your rights.


Jongman Advies Buro cooperates with Law Firms specializing in this type of cases and acting on behalf of the victims and their families, to help to obtain the following benefits:

  • Reminiscence for harm suffered and pain due to bodily injuries, digestive loss of health,
  • Reimbursement of hospital and out-of-hospital treatment costs,
  • Reimbursement of purchase of rehabilitation equipment and disability compensation devices,
  • Compensation for lost income,
  • Reimbursement of care costs by third parties,
  • Reimbursement of transportation costs associated with treatment
  • In the case of partial or total inability to work - a pension compensating for loss of income
  • All other costs related to the accident